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“Babylon has happily transformed into one of the most thrilling and

original series on television.” - Independent.

Channel 4/Sundance TV - Starring: Jimmy Nesbitt, Brit Marling, Bertie Carvel, Ella Smith

"The editing of the news segments was great throughout,

particularly the inital montage of reports..."  - The A.V. Club

“It's a dazzling denoument to one of the best drama series in years."

- The Guardian on the series finale.

"In all 'Victoria Park' is easily the best episode of Babylon thus far.

If you're not watching Babylon yet, it's time to catch up." - Sound on Sight

"It's a suspenseful build (with the interrogations themselves getting a little of the Danny Boyle-influenced quick cutting)..." - The A.V. Club

"From the episode's first moments,

which feature more fantastic editing..."

- Sound on Sight